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Family Photography WV

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Family Photography West Virginia

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Family Photography WV

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Wedding Photography

Decisions! Decisions!

We understand you had to make a lot of decisions for the most important day of your life, but the decision for the perfect photographer should be an easy one. Once you get your initial package, reprints may be ordered in any size. All packages include service up to three hours.

8 x 10 Service: Everything taken comes back as an 8 x 10—no waiting for reprints! The final cost is based on the number of photos requested.
"MOMMA’S SPECIAL": You will receive 1-8 x 10 and 2-4 x 5’s of everything taken. The final cost is based on the number requested.Professional Photographers West Virginia
8 x 10 ALBUM PACKAGE: All photos are presented in a proof album as 4 x 5’s, from which you choose a minimum of 36-8 x 10’s. The final cost is based on the number chosen for your album.
New! Economy package: Now offering a package that includes 2 Hours service and a CD of everything taken. This is great for smaller weddings and for those people who have printing capabilities. The photos will be straight from the camera with no professional density change, color correcting, or cropping. All images taken will be held on file should you wish to order professional prints or wall portraits from our regular reprint price list.
NEW!! The "in-thing" at wedding receptions now is the Photo Booth for your guests to enjoy. We offer Photo Booth Rentals and Keepsake Memory Albums with one of the photos of your guest and a personal hand-written note that you will cherish for years to come.

Senior Portraits

Tired of the same old traditional poses? Why not try us for that distinctive look in senior portraits!

We offer special senior backgrounds, indoor casual and formal sittings, and environmental, weather permitting. For your convenience, we keep in stock many different sizes of full tuxedos, v-neck formal drapes and feather boas in a rainbow of colors for your use. We also have graduation caps and gowns in many colors for your use, so you will not have to wait for yours to be delivered. Bring whatever makes you special…golf clubs, sports uniform, favorite pet, car, stuffed animal collection, etc.
This is YOUR year; let us commemorate this milestone to share with your friends and family.
Black & White photos also offered.

Families, Children & Pets

Our families are comprised of the most important people in our lives. Don’t let time pass you by and not capture those smiles.

We also include that other important family member, your pet. No need to wait for proofs—you will get to view your photos on the computer before you leave the studio. Order exactly what you want—make your own package!

Sports Photography

"Children grow up so fast". Make sure you “freeze” this moment in time by getting their sports photos taken. Schedule an appointment with Shifoto to have your youth league photographed.

We give the league a COMMISSION on every package sold. Your players are not tied down to one package of photos. Many specialty items are offered, such as a ball with the child’s photo on it, t-shirts, wooden carved statuettes, photo plaques, refrigerator magnets, mouse pads, bobble heads, and much more!