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Shifoto is family-owned and operated.
We are focused on providing the highest quality of service for the best price possible!

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About Shifoto

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Who is Shifoto?

Shifoto is the company you are looking for when you need Photo Booths, Special Events, or Photography services. We've been in business since 1977!

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Why should you do business with us?

We strive to distinguish ourselves from the average Photo Booth Company by offering an attractive array of Photo Booths, providing only the best photographic product possible. The first class, personal service we add to our Photo Booth Rental program helps to set us a notch above the rest. When you hire us for your event, it is the Company Owners, not hired help that will work with you. When you choose Shifoto, you are choosing a commitment to quality and service!

Our History Our history below marks just a few of the highlights of the journey that we have taken to produce the best Photo Booth Rentals, Special Events, and Photography products possible.

Present Looking forward to the future!

In 2020 we were set for our best year ever, until the Pandemic hit events. During that year almost all of our bookings were forced to cancel because of venue closings or rules not allowing people to gather. So now we are looking forward to our best years ahead!

2018 Introduction of the Mirror Me or "Magic Mirror" Photo Booth

Our Photo Booth business continued to grow, with 1 or more bookings each weekend. With the demand continuing to grow, we were seeing requests for a new type of Photo Booth. Our clients had seen information on the interactive Mirror Me Photo Booth. The Mirror Me Photo Booth uses projected animations to engage the guests and gives them a chance to place a message or their signature on the photographic printouts. They could also email the photos to themselves as well as receiving the printouts.

Party Booth Additions

I assembled a 2nd Party Booth and my son and his wife began operating it. With our 2 Party Booths and our other 3 Photo Booths we were able on occasion to book 3 Photo Booth Rentals on one day.

Party Booth The Party Booth Is Born!

All the time using our existing Photo Booths, I realized that each of the Photo Booths had short comings in how they operated, the products they turned out and the time they took for each session. I started to design a Photo Booth that I could construct and that would solve all the problems that the manufactured Photo Booths had.
Thus was born our Party Booth. A pipe and drape enclosure to accommodate up to 12 people or work just as well with 1 person. I used a digital SLR, instead of a video camera to capture the images. The quality of the photos was greatly improved with this type of camera. All of the other problems that had been incurred in the first Photo Booths had been overcome.

Continued Growth

At this point I realized we needed more Photo Booths to cover the demand for rentals. I purchased a used Photo Booth for our 2nd offering. Six months later we got a 3rd Photo Booth of a different design to vary our offering.

Photo Booths Gain Popularity

Within a few months of offering our Photo Booth for weddings, corporate events and other parties, bookings start rolling in. We were booking our Photo Booth so far in advance, when people called for Wedding Photography we were already booked.

2008 The beginning of a new journey!

In 2008, while attend my own family reunion, I heard of a distant cousin who had rented a Photo Booth for their wedding. I realized that Photo Booth Rental would be a new venture that I could add to my Wedding offerings.
In the early Fall of 2008, I explored various Photo Booths to purchase. I proceeded to acquire my first Photo Booth. Thus started a new adventure.

Photography Business Grows

After a few years, my photography business had expanded to the extent I needed to devote all my time to photography. I built a studio on my home property in the mid 80’s,and expanded the business into formal portraits, high school seniors and family studio portraits.
My business continued to grow, with my wife, daughter and son becoming an integral part of the operations. Performing photography, bookkeeping and assisting in on location photo shoots.

Shifoto Is Born!

During my tenure at The Gulf Times, I started taking on private photography jobs such as Weddings, Sports Teams and family events. After about 4 years of managing The Gulf Times, my personal photography business had grown to the level that I decided to accept a part-time position selling insurance. I concentrated on growing the photography business.